2015 Campbell Award Nominee | Flight of the Kikayon by Kary English

2015 Campbell Award Nominee: Flight of the Kikayon by Kary EnglishI enjoyed Kary English’s short story Totaled, but Flight of the Kikayon is a tale that knocks it out of the park. English has been nominated for the Campbell for best new author, and I’m inclined to think she should get serious consideration for it.

Flight of the Kikayon was a finalist for Writers of the Future (which is a sure shot for good fiction, by the way. If you’re looking for some of best writing in the genre, you can’t go wrong with a collection of the winners of Writers of the Future), and it has all the elements of a good story that just happens to be in a science fiction setting. There’s the abusive spouse, the loving mother trying to escape and provide a future for her child, and the clone that understands better than…wait, what? It’s clever, touching, intelligent, and hits all the beats of a great story, including a great twist (or two).

It’s what I like about good science fiction–a story with heart in a world just beyond tomorrow.

English is new to science fiction, and I can’t wait to see what her career holds. I’m putting her on my finalist list for both the Hugo for short story and the Campbell award.

Flight of the Kikayon Book Cover Flight of the Kikayon
Kary English
Science fiction
Blue Outline Books
February 23, 2014

Clones, motherhood, and a luxury spaceliner. What could possibly go wrong?

With five million credits in her pocket and a nanny-clone to take her place, Lydia thought walking away from her marriage would be easier than sipping cocktails at a society party. But Lydia's plans didn't include an illegal sport-fishing expedition on an interdicted waterworld, and her husband has plans of his own.

FLIGHT OF THE KIKAYON is classic sci-fi with a side order of adventure.

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