2017 Reading Stats in Review

I read a few books in 2017. Here’s a breakdown of stats, followed by some lists of my favorite books this year:

  • 72 total books/graphic novels/audiobooks.
  • 64 different authors.
  • 30 books in 22 different series, 13 which were the first book in the series, 5 were the second, 2 were the third, and 8 were the fourth or later.
  • The longest book, and the only one over 800 pages was The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. It weighed in at 999 pages. Most books (29) were between 300 and 500 pages long. That’s an average 341.8 pages a book.
  • The shortest (and dumbest–I didn’t finish it) was The City of Shifting Waters by Christin Pierre.
  • Speaking of genres: 22 could be classified as science fiction, 12 were histories, 8 as fantasy, 7 novels, 4 on current events, 3 each in the categories of memoir and classics, as well as sundry others.
  • 43 were audiobooks, 18 paperbacks, 6 hardbacks, and only 5 ebooks. Sorry. I like the smell and feel of paper, as well as the convenience of cranking a book in the car or while working in the yard.
  • I reread only 2 books, though I’m in the middle of rereading 2 more right now.
  • On average, I read 68 pages a day or about 2,051.1 pages a month.
  • I abandoned 8 books without finishing them. I suspect there were at least 3 or 5 more I should have dropped, as well.
  • March was my most productive month with 11 books or 4,178 pages.
  • First reviewed book of 2017 was One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich in January, and the last was Time Travel: A History by James Gleick (intriguing, by the way) in October.
  • A book I bought in England: The Golden Store: An Illustrated Selection of Poetry by William Wordsworth


A few good recommendations:


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