Book Review | Trespassers by Todd Wynn and Tim Wynn

Book Review | Trespassers by Todd Wynn and Tim WynnThere’s much to like about Trespassers. There’s intrigue, mystery, interesting characters, growth, romance, and a little bit of sci-fi, of the “handwaivium” sort. Todd Wynn and Tim Wynn have a story with potential in Trespassers.

The plot of Trespassers revolves around three–or four?–groups: the secret government agency tasked with keeping humanity in the dark about the presence of aliens visiting Earth, as well as tracking and regulating those same aliens, led by the tall, confident Stewart; Sara Baker, a mysterious young woman who has lost her memory, and the young man who falls for her; the aliens. Also, the guy who thinks he’s the government agency tasked with finding aliens…but spends most of the book one step behind everyone else.

If it sounds like it has echoes of Men in Black, then it’s because it’s an apt comparison. The difference is where Will Smith, fancy gadgets, and strange looking aliens makes Men in Black a visual smorgasbord, Trespassers‘ aliens are–like the inhabitants of Planet Earth–human. Parts of me easily accepted this conceit, especially since it allows the development of romance between Earthlings and aliens, but it takes out a lot of the color that an alien-themed adventure. Add to this ambiguity about who exactly the antagonists are, and I had a hard time feeling like there was really ever anything at stake.

Trespassers was a fun read, but I could have hoped for higher stakes and more otherworldly elements. It’s a three-star book for me.

Trespassers Book Cover Trespassers
Todd Wynn and Tim Wynn
Science fiction
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
October 18, 2014

When four alien visitors arrive on Earth and disappear into the cornfields of Indiana, it is Stewart Faulkner’s job to find them. Who they are, where they’re headed, and what’s important enough to make them jump from a moving spaceship are all questions that Stewart must uncover. And he will have to do it all while 1) training a new team member named Mindy—who is developing a crush on him; 2) flying under the radar of his boss to make sure he’s not removed from the case; and 3) staying one step ahead of a government agent named Karl Bruner, who is determined to expose the presence of aliens on Earth. As Stewart unravels the layers of this mystery, he discovers that these aliens are connected to his own past in ways he never would have guessed.

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