Review | Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

IshDescription: Ramon loves to draw, until his older brother makes fun of his art, which leads to Ramon losing some of his confidence.

Story: This story has a great message about art and also about what we can do to foster creativity. I love the character Marisol (Ramon’s younger sister). Marisol embodies all the hope, love, and acceptance that can be found in little children. I also love seeing Ramon’s character develop from being totally discouraged and frustrated, to the beginnings of belief in himself, to his finding joy and fulfillment in what he creates.

Illustrations: Reynolds seemingly simple illustrations are very fun and I especially like how he thoughtfully uses color.

When you check out this title, you may also want to keep your eyes open for Peter Reynold’s book The Dot. It’s another fun book about art and discovery.


Overall Story Rating: 4 of 5 stars false

Overall Illustrations Rating: 4 of 5 stars false


  1. Aww poor Ramon. I like the sound of this. I like the thought of him growing in his art.

  2. Yep, making fun of another’s art is a great way to stifle it. Great topic for a book.