Review | More by I.C. Springman and Brian Lies


Description: A bird collects various objects to put in his nest. This book teaches young readers about quantity.

Story: I think this story has a great message about how we accumulate stuff we really don’t need. I like the illustration at the end where the bird has found what is really enough for him and how he’s free to fly away because he’s not bogged down with a lot of needless possessions.  There are not a lot of words in this book which make it a good one to read to really young children who have a short attention span.

Illustrations: The illustrations in More are great. I thought the facial expressions on the animals were very descriptive and added to the story, especially considering that the story doesn’t have a lot of words. Many pages could be used to play ‘I Spy’ while reading the book.


Overall Story Rating: 5 of 5 stars false

Overall Illustrations Rating:  4 of 5 stars false