Science Fiction as the Best Social Fiction of Our Time: The Chaplain’s War by Brad Torgersen

Author Doris Lessing once noted that “That function of a writer is to raise questions not find answers.” A Nobel Prize winner, Lessing famously responded to a critic of her Canopus in Argos series–a work of science fiction, in contrast to what critics considered her more serious literature–by saying: “What they didn’t realize was that […]

Review | Rejiggering the Thingamajig by Eric James Stone

Go buy this book. Buy it, put it by your bed, or desk, or chair, or couch, or where ever you like to read, and then read it. But don’t read it straight through. Stop at the end of each story, set your head back on your pillow/headrest/cushion/ground and enjoy the warm sense of wonder […]

Book Bomb and Review | Lights in the Deep by Brad R. Torgersen

Finding Lights in the Deep was one of those happy accidents that leads to lost sleep and happy day dreams. Nominee for the Hugo, Nebula, and Campbell awards and winner of the 2010 Writers of the Future award, Brad R. Torgersen is one of the newest authors to join the ranks of published science fiction, […]

Author Writing Advice at Salt Lake Comic Con

One of the best parts of Salt Lake Comic Con is the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best working writers alive.  Salt Lake Comic Con closed tonight, and to all appearances it was a rousing success. Venders and participants were telling me that 50,000 tickets had been sold, and at one […]

At SL Comic Con: Balancing a writing career while keeping your day job

In addition to a fantastic venue for people watching and celebrity sighting, Salt Lake Comic Con hosts some excellent panels on writing, providing ample opportunity for the novice writer to meet, and learn from, local authors. A panel I attended this afternoon, on the second day of the Salt Lake Comic Con, was titled “Managing […]

Utah authors at Salt Lake Comic Con Day One

Did you know that there are 82 authors in Utah. And that’s an above normal concentration of literary talent, apparently. Utah’s an anomaly, said  Jessica Day George.  I think that’s lucky for us. With a large, and growing, community of authors, it helps create a great culture for books, literature, and learning. With so many […]