A Rarefied View at Dawn by David Farland: Holding Up A Mirror

Equally touching, tender, and socially exploratory, A Rarefied View At Dawn by David Farland is a short story that takes place in the far future on a planet far from here. Men and women are segregated by gender and on the mountain top fortress of Kara Kune most births are controlled, allowing only females to […]

25 Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time…Maybe

What are the 25 best sci-fi books of all time? In a genre that has constantly evolved since before the days of Mary Shelley, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells (okay, okay… I recognize that the days of Shelley and Verne and Wells are not the same days. Not by a long shot. Let’s just call that the […]

David Farland Nails It: Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing

Writing about a book on writing is perhaps an odd challenge. On the one hand, I read the book because I wanted to become a better writer. On the other hand, I’m reviewing the book, telling where the author (of a book on writing, if you recall) has succeeded or failed at their attempt. Fortunately, […]

The Wonder of Short Stories: Writers of the Future Volume 30

  The thing about I like about short stories is that you don’t have to commit much to get a certain amount of satisfaction. Any novel worth reading will spend a certain portion of time introducing conflict, stringing together a plot, creating characters and relationships, and, if were in science fiction or fantasy, building a […]

Book Review | Writers of the Future Volume 29 edited by Dave Wolverton

Finding an interesting, new author is a fantastic experience, like discovering a new favorite restaurant or traveling to a place you’ve never been before. It is full of exploration, of discovery, and the refreshing feel of something new and fresh. Imagine, then, what it’s like to find one book with 12 interesting new authors, all […]

Review | Rejiggering the Thingamajig by Eric James Stone

Go buy this book. Buy it, put it by your bed, or desk, or chair, or couch, or where ever you like to read, and then read it. But don’t read it straight through. Stop at the end of each story, set your head back on your pillow/headrest/cushion/ground and enjoy the warm sense of wonder […]

Utah Author Spotlight | Dave Wolverton

As part of Utah Book Month, we’re spotlighting Utah author Dave Wolverton. You can find other posts–including spotlights of other Utah authors, book reviews, book giveaways, contests, and more–related to Utah Book Month at Utah Books. I initially bought Dave Wolverton’s novel as a part of a charity book bomb, but before long it was […]

Review | On My Way to Paradise by Dave Wolverton

Sometimes the best books are found entirely by accident. I found On My Way to Paradise almost completely by accident. Larry Correia, the author of the larger than life Monster Hunter International series posted on his blog that Dave Wolverton, an author I had never heard of, was in dire straights and needed help. Wolverton’s son […]