Monster Hunter Nemesis by Larry Correia: 110% Pure Awesome

No bones about it: I am a slow reader. Worse, I am a serial book buyer and starter, and years can pass after I buy a book before I actually start it, to say nothing of finish it. Except for anything by Larry Correia. Somehow, Correia has figured out the secret combination to writing novels that […]

Andy Weir’s The Martian Should Get a Hugo Nomination

If Andy Weir isn’t up for the Hugo next year, then scifi fandom doesn’t deserve good fiction anymore, because The Martian is pure awesome sauce. Left behind on Mars after a freak dust storm puts a hole in his suit and buries him, Mark Watney–astronaut, biologist, engineer–knows that the odds are against him returning back to Earth […]

Utah Writers Are Taking the Hugo Awards by Storm

Utah authors are taking the Hugo Awards by storm. Indeed, if I wasn’t from around here and hadn’t been following some of these guys for a while, I might wonder what it is in the water that has Utah taking over fantasy/science fiction’s best well-known (and as it appears, most controversial) award. Here’s who has […]

Review | Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management by Howard Tayler

Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management, and its author Howard Tayler, is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Wait–hold that thought. It’s not completely true. Yes, it’s unique, a veritable cornucopia of creative energy and humor, entertaining and–dare I say?–educational at the same time. But it is also reminiscent, in so many happy ways, of the […]

Utah authors at Salt Lake Comic Con Day One

Did you know that there are 82 authors in Utah. And that’s an above normal concentration of literary talent, apparently. Utah’s an anomaly, said  Jessica Day George.  I think that’s lucky for us. With a large, and growing, community of authors, it helps create a great culture for books, literature, and learning. With so many […]