Book Review | V Wars edited by Jonathan Maberry

V Wars, edited by Jonathan Maberry, is a collection of stories set in the same world but written by a bevy of talented authors.  In the world Maberry creates in V Wars, a prehistoric virus has been released from polar ice, awakening recessive genes in the human genome. The virus triggers changes in some humans, […]

Recent Arrivals at Attack of the Books

There’s nothing like opening the mail to find new books. Except, perhaps, finding a great deal on a book you’ve long wanted to read. That feels pretty good, too. Here’s a few of the books that have arrived at our house recently. Foz Meadows’ review of Ancillary Justice on A Dribble of Ink, Aidan Moher’s blog, had me […]

Author Guest Post | James A. Moore on writing Seven Forges

SEVEN FORGES, my latest novel, is a sword and sorcery story. Before Robert E. Howard came along and wrote stories of Conan the Barbarian and King Kull, the genre of sword and sorcery fantasy didn’t even exist. Most of the tales along those lines had been fictitious adventures set in a more realistic version of […]

Advance Copy Review | Seven Forges by James A. Moore

Seven Forges is a roaring adventure, full of larger than life characters and cultures, in a world full of exotic peoples, magicks, and gods. And it’s a violent world, too, full of political intrigues, deadly diplomacy, and treacherous allies. Moore’s the story adeptly raises the stakes and dangers from every direction. If you’re looking for […]