Listen to an Audio Clip from A Memory of Light

Not all audio books are created equal. Nothing’s worse than finding a great story read by a grating voice. The fourteen volume Wheel of Time, read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, does not have that problem. Rather, they take a great story and bring it to life, and as it unfolds manage to make you wish […]

Sanderson names the next title in The Stormlight Archive

I’ve made no secret that I’m a Brandon Sanderson fan. His writing reminds me why I fell in love with fantasy,  but without the tropes and clichés that often plague the genre. (Plus, he’s local, and we share our alma mater, but that’s neither here nor there). Fresh off the success of finishing Robert Jordan’s […]

Review | The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

I’ve not read many books by Brandon Sanderson that weigh in at less than several hundred pages, so when I saw the thin spine of The Emperor’s Soul sitting on the shelf at Weller Book Works next to Sanderson’s thicker novels, I was immediately curious. From the back of the book: When Shai is caught […]

Review | A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Although I finished A Memory of Light over a week ago, I’ve hesitated to write a review. Reaching the end of a good novel is not unlike leaving the dark of a movie theater for the light of day. Coming back into the real world can be a bit of a jolt. The jolt at the […]

At last…A Memory of Light arrives

As a teenage reader, my book choices broke down into two categories: Tolkien and everybody else. (Yes, there was also required reading for school, but books like The Scarlet Letter and The Mill on the Floss had their own place, and it certainly wasn’t among the books I would ever read if given the choice as a 15-year old. But […]