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NASA’s Gigantic Photo of Andromeda

In the "Nothing to do with Books" category we have this: NASA took a photo of the Milky Way's nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, with the Hubble Space Telescope, and the photo is ginormous. As in, it would take over 600 … [Read More...]

Racers of the Night Brad Torgersen

Racers of the Night by Brad Torgersen is Fantastic

In the hour since I finished reading Brad Torgersen’s second collection of short stories, Racers of the Night, I’ve tried to come up with clever ways of saying nice things about Brad’s short fiction. Really. I … [Read More...]


Top 5 Adaptations of A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' classic novella A Christmas Carol was first published in 1843 and told the story of a bitter old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge, and his transformation into a gentler, kind soul after he is visited by three … [Read More...]


The Beautiful Tree by James Tooley is a Powerful Look at Education in the Poorest Neighborhoods on Earth

Perhaps we’re doing third world development all wrong. That was the thought that stuck with me most after I finished reading James Tooley’s The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World's Poorest People are … [Read More...]

The Hobbit and Philosophy: For When You've Lost Your Dwarves, Your Wizard, and Your Way

Why I Read The Hobbit and Philosophy: For When You’ve Lost Your Dwarves, Your Wizard, and Your Way, Edited by Gregory Bassham and William Irwin

I admit that I didn't quite know what I was picking up when I opened The Hobbit and Philosophy: For When You've Lost Your Dwarves, Your Wizard, and Your Way. At the time, I was three quarters of the way through The Hobbit … [Read More...]

Book of Nurturing

The Book of Nurturing by Linda and Richard Eyre is My Favorite Parenting Book

We received this The Book of Nurturing as a gift from my parents back before we had children. Mom and Dad have always been big fans of the Eyres, allegedly raising us based on the stuff they picked up from the Eyre's many … [Read More...]

The Causal Angel

The Causal Angel by Hannu Rajaniemi is Brilliant, but Difficult

As I approached the final act of The Causal Angel, Hannu Rajaniemi's Jean Le Flambeur Series that started with The Quantum Thief, there was an uptick in the action, a movement toward battle and denouement. Giant space ships … [Read More...]

Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them

Thoughts on Feardom by Connor Boyack

I've long followed Connor Boyack's career. A libertarian and out of the box thinker, Boyack has never been afraid to defend his conclusions, and he does so with articulation and passion. His latest literary foray is no … [Read More...]

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is More than a Barrel of Laughs

Read this book. Soon. If you don't laugh your way through The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion, you might need to get your head checked. Don Tillman is a professor of genetics at a university somewhere in Australia, short … [Read More...]

Mia Love Book

Book Review: Mia Love — The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star, by Matt Canham, Robert Gehrke and Thomas Burr

With Mia Love: The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star, a biography of Mia Love by Salt Lake Tribune reporter Matt Canham,  with Robert Gehrke and Thomas Burr, readers are fortunate to find a glimpse into the … [Read More...]

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