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The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is More than a Barrel of Laughs

Read this book. Soon. If you don't laugh your way through The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion, you might need to get your head checked. Don Tillman is a professor of genetics at a university somewhere in Australia, short … [Read More...]

Mia Love Book

Book Review: Mia Love — The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star, by Matt Canham, Robert Gehrke and Thomas Burr

With Mia Love: The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star, a biography of Mia Love by Salt Lake Tribune reporter Matt Canham,  with Robert Gehrke and Thomas Burr, readers are fortunate to find a glimpse into the … [Read More...]


Shattered Shields Raises the Bar on Military Fantasy

If you're on my Christmas gift list and you read fantasy, I'm sending you a copy of Shattered Shields. It's just that good of a collection. One of the most surprising and enjoyable selections on my reading list this year, … [Read More...]


Just in Time For Halloween: Top 5 Ray Bradbury Books

Ray Bradbury is one of the most iconic fantasy, horror, and science fiction writers of the last century. Although he wrote every day religiously until shortly before his death in 2012 at the age of 91, his most famous works … [Read More...]


Bad Penny by John D. Brown is Visceral

Bad Penny was one of the most surprising reading experiences of my year, to date, and in all the right ways. John D. Brown, who is otherwise known for his fantasy writing, has written a story that is both compelling and … [Read More...]

SF and fantasy section, American Book Center

The Best Fantasy Books…? [Poll]

What's on your list of the best fantasy books? A while back I put together my Top 25 Science-Fiction Books list. Making the list was a blast. I took a walk down memory road and reminisced about reading some of my favorite … [Read More...]

Learn More About Orion   Mars Launches   Mars Exploration Program

Let NASA send my name to Mars on a spaceship? HECK, YES.

NASA is sending a spacecraft back to Mars in December of 2014, and apparently, they're taking names with them. No typo. Just the names are going. I sent mine in to be aboard the exploratory craft. Because you know: … [Read More...]


Monster Hunter Nemesis by Larry Correia: 110% Pure Awesome

No bones about it: I am a slow reader. Worse, I am a serial book buyer and starter, and years can pass after I buy a book before I actually start it, to say nothing of finish it. Except for anything by Larry … [Read More...]

6 Reasons To Read More Than One Book at a Time

6 Reasons To Read More Than One Book at a Time

Long ago I realized that I would never be able to keep up with all the interesting books that get published each year. Heck, I can barely keep up with the stack of books piled up on my bedstead or on my desk, just begging to … [Read More...]

A Rarefied View at Dawn by David Farland

A Rarefied View at Dawn by David Farland: Holding Up A Mirror

Equally touching, tender, and socially exploratory, A Rarefied View At Dawn by David Farland is a short story that takes place in the far future on a planet far from here. Men and women are segregated by gender and on the … [Read More...]

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