About Attack of the Books!

We’re not professionals, just readers with voracious appetites. Brittany and Daniel Burton edit and write, but welcome contributions from other fans, authors, and other bibliophiles. We love books and we love reading, and Attack of the Books! is a journal of what we like and enjoy.

Some brief suggestions if you’re seeking a book review from us:

  • No Bodice Rippers. Please do not ask us to share your romance novel. We won’t.
  • Show some love; like and share our reviews. If you found one of our reviews on Amazon, please mark the review as helpful. Saying you found it and have a great book just like it, but not marking the review as helpful is noticed.
  • Be patient. We’re backlogged. Like seriously backlogged. While we would love to read your book, we’re picky. It’s not you; it’s us.
  • Contribute. If you’d like to write something topical–about books, about novels, about your book–we would be glad to entertain it. We enjoy having guest writers. Please keep submissions under 700 words (in the neighborhood of 500 would be better) and  be familiar with the content on Attack of the Books! and cater your submission accordingly.
  • Paper is preferred, but not necessary.While we’re glad to take your book in e-book format, we don’t read many books that way. Daniel prefers paper, and Brittany listens to a lot of audiobooks (it’s easier when juggling the girls–see below).

About Brittany and Daniel

Hiking in the Rockys, 2016.

Hiking in the Rockies, 2016.

Brittany is a stay-at-home mom who feeds her reading bug when she’s not chasing two three precocious daughters around. An avid reader, Brittany first fell in love with reading (and Rhett Butler) during high school. After hearing a certain book mentioned in a history class, she was amused, and intrigued, when the school librarian informed her that “scandalous books” like Gone with the Wind would not be found in the school library. Fortunately, the local bookstore had no such compunctions.

While he doesn’t much care for Scarlett O’Hara, Daniel got hooked by The Hobbit and is a sucker for a good history, Disc World, and Star Wars (though he has nothing against Trekkers). Maybe he’ll even finish his own novel one day.  In the meantime, Daniel’s reading habits are eclectic; he enjoys history, biography, politics, and classic fiction, as well as science fiction, fantasy, satire, and current events. When he’s not reading or writing, he’s spending time with Brittany and their daughters.

Daniel and Brittany live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Other Contributors

  • Ben Burr is reader, writer, father, husband, one-time logger, one-time restaurant owner, one-time online marketing consultant, and entrepreneur. Currently, Ben works in the U.S. Senate. Coincidentally, he has opinions about books. At times, he entertains delusions of grandeur that he will one day write and publish books himself. He lives in Springfield, Virginia. Follow him on Twitter: @benjaminburr
  • Stephen Olsen teaches math at North Layton Junior High. When not teaching math, he polices the halls and library of his school, ensuring that students partake of only the best reading material. On the rare occasions he finds himself away from school, Stephen reads, writes, and writes about reading.
  • Brandon Engel is a Chicago-based blogger who writes about everything from vintage science fiction to energy legislation. Follow him on Twitter: @BrandonEngel2
  • Since he could read, Lynn Taylor has enjoyed spending his life reasoning with Aristotle and Plato, traveling the Western frontier with Louis L’Amour, and surviving the French assault at Agincourt with Henry V and William Shakespeare.  He has piloted 100 ton war machines across far flung planets, held King Arthur’s hand as he passed on, danced among the stars in the fastest ship in the galaxy, and by turns has both slain and befriended dragons. When not chasing shiny objects, he records his musings on his life’s travels at LynnSense.com.
  • Caroline is a book nerd, loving to spend days wandering through old stacks as much as hopping onto the couch for a sit-in with her Kindle. Ever a part of the coffee versus tea debate, she can’t imagine a life without the great written word and wonderful libraries both real and virtual to hold them in. Follow her on Twitter: @CultureCovC