Author Feature | Jennifer Adams & Alison Oliver: Baby Lit Board Books

2013 A to Z Challenge: Letter J = Jennifer Adams

Wuthering Heights: A BabyLit  Weather PrimerDracula: A BabyLit Counting PrimerLittle Miss Austen - Pride & Prejudice (A BabyLit Counting Primer)Have you been introduced to Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver and their absolutely brilliant collection of Baby Lit board books? If you thought infant-hood was too early to introduce your child to the likes of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or Bram Stoker, well… then you thought wrong. Because these chic, adorable board books are the perfect way to start reading to your child; they’re even rip proof.

Each book focuses on a classic piece of literature, but in addition to that, they have a learning component for the littles. Pride & Prejudice and Dracula are counting primers, Alice in Wonderland teaches colors, Wuthering Heights teaches aspects of the weather, and so on and so forth.

Jane Eyre: A Series of Board Books for Brilliant BabiesMoby Dick: A BabyLit Ocean PrimerA Christmas Carol: A BabyLit Colors Primer

The text of each book is clever and the illustrations are fabulous. Many of you may even enjoy these versions of the classics more than the originals. [Wink, wink.]

I had the opportunity of meeting Jennifer Adams at The King’s English last week. She was lovely. Excitedly, she let slip that some new titles are coming our way… think British sleuth and a scandalous Russian adulteress (Adams promises an age appropriate version, of course). I can’t wait. In the meantime, my girls and I will be becoming more sophisticated with the likes of Moby Dick and Jane Eyre.

Alice in Wonderland: A BabyLit Colors PrimerRomeo & JulietSense and Sensibility: A BabyLit Opposites PrimerP.S. Best baby presents ever!