Book Review | The Thing in the Office by Phil Elmore

Book Review | The Thing in the Office by Phil ElmoreWith Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to pick a few stories to get you in the mood for a spooky holiday. If I had my druthers, Phil Elmore’s The Thing in the Office would be the short story collection choice of the season.

Elmore’s writing is clear, concise, and careful, reminiscent of the Twilight Zone at times. The effect is gripping, and sometimes chilling, with each tale set in a vivid and occasionally surreal and fantastical setting. Each word seems like it has been carefully selected with precision from a parsimonious supply, and yet, what is said becomes as important as what is not said, as what is implied, as what is alluded to…maybe more so. Characters pop from the page, reality twists at just the right moment in the story, and the twist makes each story…satisfying and sweet, providing that comfortable and happy feeling that comes when promises are made and fulfilled.

More simply put, The Thing in the Office was a blast to read, and I enjoyed every story. I’ll be adding Elmore to my list of favorite authors and reading more of what he’s written and will write.

Do yourself a favor, and go buy it yourself. The Thing in the Office is worth far more than the $.99 it costs to put the collection of short stories on your device. More, it’s a great choice for Halloween.

The Thing in the Office Book Cover The Thing in the Office
Phil Elmore
Science Fiction
September 21, 2015

When your boss is a man-eating plant from another galaxy, it’s normal to have a case of the Mondays. But what if your best friend thinks he can put your brain in a computer? What if you’ve discovered an ancient alien temple brimming with priceless artifacts? What if you find yourself in your twilight years... only to face a horde of ravening zombies? And does it matter if your dog or your cat talks to you in clear English, but only on Christmas Eve? These and other questions are asked and answered in The Thing in the Office, a collection of terror, thrills, and supernatural speculation from prolific author Phil Elmore.

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