Easter Picture Books

Easter is upon us and with it we’re pulling some our favorite picture books off the shelves to enjoy during the holiday.

First the EggFirst the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Seeger is a very creative and innovative illustrator. She uses cutouts that see through to the next page that add an additional dimension to her books. In First the Egg, we start with the egg, that leads to the chicken, and then explore the beginnings and ends of life which inevitably leads us back to the egg.

Rechenka's EggsRechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco

Rechenka’s Eggs is about an old woman who finds an injured goose and names it Rechenka. The woman, Babushka, is known for the beautiful eggs she decorates every year for the spring Festival. When Rechenka starts to get better and gains more mobility, she accidentally knocks over the basket of beautifully decorated eggs and breaks them. Thinking her chances of winning the festival are over, Babushka decides she will not go to the Festival. But Rechenka, feeling sorry for ruining the eggs, has a special surprise for Babushka. This picture book has beautiful illustrations.

The Odd EggThe Odd Egg by Emily Gravett

In this clever picture book, each of the birds has an egg except for Duck. So when Duck finds a beautiful egg of his own he’s delighted, even though the other birds make fun of him. Duck takes care of his egg and one by one, all of the bird’s eggs hatch… except for Duck’s. But hatch it finally does and what emerges is quite a surprise! The illustrations in this book are playful, but also fantastic.

The_Story_of_the_Easter_BunnyThe Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen and Sally Anne Lambert

Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny comes from? In this story, a little white rabbit helps its two owners decorate and deliver Easter eggs each year. As the couple ages and becomes unable to decorate the eggs, the little white rabbit finds some of his own helpers and takes over for the couple.

The Easter Bunny's AssistantThe Easter Bunny’s Assistant by Jan Thomas

In this silly book, the Easter Bunny’s assistant is a skunk. Problems ensue when the skunk gets so excited about Easter and coloring eggs that he keeps spraying his lovely smell all over the place.

snow-rabbit-spring-rabbitSnow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons by Il Sung Na

This picture book explores the things different animals do during the winter, all while a little white rabbit is watching. It ends with the emergence of spring time which makes it a good fit for Easter.

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