Review | Tea Rex by Molly Idle

Tea Rex

Description: Two children host a tea party for an unlikely guest.

Story: A young boy and girl invite a Tyrannosaurus Rex over for a tea party. The T-Rex provides a few challenges for the young hosts, but the children do a fantastic job managing the situation and describing to readers how to host a successful, proper tea party.

Illustrations: The illustrations in Tea Rex are whimsical and fun. One of the things that I like about the illustrations the most is that they tell a slightly different and sillier story than the text does. The text is calm and proper, whereas the illustrations show the real challenges and somewhat disastrous results of having a Tyrannosaurus Rex over for tea.

This is a book for everyone in the family. Boys, girls, and parents are sure to find something fun and enjoyable in its pages.


Overall Story Rating: 4 of 5 stars false

Overall Illustrations Rating: 4 of 5 stars false