Easter and Spring Picture Books

Just a few more days to Easter. Here are few more books you’ll want to read with your kids about the special day.

In the GardenIn the Garden by Caralyn Buehner and Brandon Dorman.

This story of Jesus’s crucifixion begins with the last supper and goes through to Christ’s resurrection. The story is not too wordy and so it lends itself well to a very young audience that has a short attention span. Scriptures from The Bible are incorporated and referenced on many of the pages. The illustrations are beautiful.

The Tale of Three Trees : A Traditional FolktaleThe Tale of the Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt and Tim Jonke.

This book is a wonderful story about Christ and so I’ve included it in this list. The story follows the life of three trees, dreams of what they hope to become, and how they are present in the Savior’s life in simple, yet important ways.

Milo the Really Big Bunny by Stephen Krensky and Melissa Suber.

MiloIn this silly book, Milo is not anything like all the other bunnies around him. Despite his efforts to fit in and do things like everyone else, misfortune and taunting seem to follow him everywhere. It takes a very special bunny to see Milo’s strengths and help him find his own way of being useful and indispensable.

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett.

easter_egg_jacket_400Jan Brett, best known for her Christmas trove of stories, really hits the spot in her story, The Easter Egg. A little bunny is anxiously trying to make the most beautiful egg so the Easter Bunny will pick him to help deliver eggs. On his journey to create the perfect egg, he finds a special egg that needs some extra help. But stopping to help the special egg, might get in the way of his big plans. The illustrations in this book are fantastic and the story teaches a good lesson to young readers.

The Perfect NestThe Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend and John Manders.

This is not a traditional Easter book, but is about some goofy characters who all live on a farm. Jack the cat builds the perfect nest as way of luring a bird to lie him some eggs so that he can have an omelet. Things get a little out of control when multiple animals are vying for a spot in the perfect nest.

Egg is QuietAn Egg Is Quiet by Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long.

This beautiful book is not specifically an Easter book, but is about all of the different kinds of eggs found in nature. The book can be read quickly for impatient, young readers, but for quiet and older readers, there are additional facts about eggs that enhance the book even more.

Click clackClick, Clack, Peep! by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.

Farmer Brown’s animals are at it again. This time, Duck has just gotten a special egg and once that egg hatches, things around the farm get very noisy. But Duck knows just what to do help Baby Duck get to sleep. I think this is my favorite of Cronin and Lewin’s books. With fun sounds that the littles will undoubtedly be reading along with, most parents will be able to relate to the challenges that come with a new baby.